Using FTP to put a home page on the web

Introduction to FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a hold-over from Unix. Unix is actually the language everything is done with in the internet; most people never see it. Don't be frightened though, it's not that bad. Why use it at all? Because, if you ever want to post your own home page, you'll need to use it. Another reason you might want to use an ftp program to download a program is because, with ftp, downloads are much faster. For example, I recently downloaded the new version of Eudora Light. It's a 2 meg file. I downloaded 20.4 kbps (kilobytes per second) using ftp. The same file downloaded with a web browser (Netscape in this case) downloaded at 13.7 kbps. The program for the Macintosh is called Fetch.

Using Fetch

When you run Fetch you are presented with a window asking for some information. The "Host:" is the machine you want to get file from or put files on (i.e. wcnet.org). The User ID is your login name, typically the e-mail address part to the left of the @ sign. The Password is your password, the same one used for checking your e-mail and logging into the internet. Directory should be blank. Then click on the OK button. The screen you are next presented with is your directory on the wcnet machine. Double click on the public_html icon in the left hand window. This is where your web pages need to live.
Now you to select the files you want to put up on the web, if it is only 1 file use the Put File button, if it is more than one file choose the Remote menu and select the option for Put Folders and Files. Navigate in the upper window to find the files you want to put up. Select the files by either double clicking or by clicking on Add after selecting the file, it will now appear in the bottom window. When you are Done click on the Done button. You will now be how to send the files, both Text and Other choose Raw Data and click on OK. The files will now be sent to the web server.
Make sure your Home Page is called index.html other names will not automatically load when you visit your web pages. To check that your pages work correctly launch your web browser and go to HTTP://www.wcnet.org/~USERID where USERID is your login name. Automatically you will be included in the directory of home pages within the next 24 Hours, provided of course that you have named your main page index.html
To make more sense out of it, see the glossary page and the download page.

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