Windows Buffer Fix


Windows XP Buffer Fix

These instructions assume that your views of each window are the default way that XP comes.
You can switch it to classic view, in which case most of it looks like 98/NT/2000 etc.

1. Click on the START button in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. The start button will come up with two categories. Click on the Control Panel, in the right side category.

3. When that window comes up click on Printers and Other Hardware . If you don't see it, look for a selection in the top left that says to Switch to Category view.

4. The next window that opens will have a heading that says Pick a task at the top. Towards the middle of the window there is a heading that says or pick a Control Panel icon.
You want to pick the entry called Phone and Modem Options .

5. A new window titled Phone and Modem Options will appear. Click on the tab labled Modems.

6. It should list your modem, click on the Properties button in the lower right hand corner of the window.

7. A window should pop up with the properties of your modem. Click on the tab that says Advanced.

8. The window will change, you should now see a button towards the bottom labeled Advanced Port Settings, click on it. If you do not have this button, it is OK your modem does not allow this setting to be changed.
9. A window labeled Advanced Settings for COM? with some number replaceing the question mark. There are two sliders on this window they should both be set at the same setting, by default the top slider is set at position 3 and the bottom at position 4 you need to set the bottom slider at position 3. Just drag the pointer to the 3rd position and release. It may be a little tricky so keep trying.

10. Click on the button labled OK

11. Click on the button labled OK

12. Click on the button labled OK

13. Close the window labeld Printers and Other Hardware, Congratulations, you are done.


Windows 95/98 Buffer Fix

Try resetting the FIFO buffers in your dial-up networking connection icon. Open my computer, open dial-up networking, click on your connection icon with the right mouse button. Click on properties with the left mouse button. Click on the configuration button. Click on the connections tab. Click on the port settings button. Make sure both slider bars are set to the third notch.Click okay. Click okay again. That's it.

From this:

To this:

In Windows Me, it looks slightly different.

From this:

To this:

Here is another trick you can try to prevent disconnects:

- Go to Modems in Control Panel (Start - Settings - Control Panel)

- From Modems select Properties, select the Connection Tab, then click the Advanced button

- In the Extra settings dialogue box, enter S10=50; this will force the modem to stay connected without a carrier for up to 5 seconds.

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