Windows XP Dial-Up Networking

These instructions assume that your views of each window are the default way that XP comes.
You can switch it to classic view, in which case most of it looks like 98/NT/2000 etc.

1. Click on the START button in the lower left corner of the screen.

2. The start button will come up with two categories. Click on the Control Panel, in the right side category.

3. When that window comes up click on Network and Internet Connections. If you don't see it, look for a selection in the top left that says to Switch to Category view.

4. The next window that opens will have a heading that says Pick a task at the top. You want to pick the first entry called Set up or change your internet connection.

5. A new window titled Internet Properties will appear. Click on the setup button near the top right.

6. If this is the first time you have done this, a window will come up that asks you for location information. If you do not get this window, skip to step 7.
The first of two things you need to check in this window is that the blank below What area code (or city code) are you in now? has your area code filled in. It will not let you close the window until you have filled in the area code. The second is whether or not you have tone or pulse dialing. It defaults to tone, so for most people this will be fine. Once you have checked both of those, click the OK button. Another window will come up, click the OK button again.

7. The next window should be titled New Connection Wizard and says Welcome to the New Connection Wizard. Click Next

8. On the following screen you will be given four choices as to what kind of connection to setup. The first, Connect to the Internet is the default and should have a dot to the left of it already. That is the correct choice, so click Next.

9. You are given 3 choices on the next screen. Click on the middle choice which says Set up my connection manually. A dot should appear beside that choice. Click Next.

10. The next window asks you How do you want to connect to the Internet? The correct choice Connect using a dial up modem should already be checked, so hit Next.

11. Next it will ask for an ISP Name. type: WCNet. Click Next.

12. Next it will ask for your phone number. Please fill in a local phone number from the list of access numbers provided to you in your WCNet information packet. Due to the new dialing rules coming into effect on December 1, 2001, make sure you include your area code with the telephone number you are entering, taking care NOT to precede it with a 1 which would mean long distance dialing. Please note that WCNet cannot be held responsible for any long distance charges incurred if you select a long distance phone number. Click Next.

13. Next you will be asked for your user information. This is also found in the WCNet information packet. Enter your user name (may also be called login name), and your password in the appropriate blanks. You must type your password twice, once in each blank and correctly both times, before it will accept your password. Also, these are case sensitive, so make sure you type them all in lower case. Leave the three boxes checked on the bottom of the screen. Click Next.

14. This is the final screen of the connection wizard, titled Completing the New Connection Wizard. Toward the bottom is a blank that you may check that says Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop. click on it so it's checked, and click Finish.

15. Finally, close the window that you are currently in by clicking on the X in the top right corner so you are back to the Windows XP desktop. You should now have a WCNet icon on your desktop. In the future, to dial in to WCNet for internet access, double click on that icon. Please make sure to disconnect when you are done to allow others to connect should the line get busy during prime time hours.

16. Double click on the wcnet icon. Click on the Properties at the bottom of the window.

17. Click on the Networking tab.

18. Highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Click on the Properties button.

19. Click in the circle next to Use the following DNS server addresses enter the following numbers for the Preferred DNS server and the Alternate DNS server: and

20. Click onthe OK button

21. Put a check in box next to Client for Microsoft Networks Then click on the OK button.

22. If you wish to get online right now click on the Dial button, otherwise click on Cancel.

If you would like to setup email for WCNet with Outlook Express now, please continue.
1. Double click on the WCNet icon on your desktop to dial in to WCNet. Of course, if you are on the phone currently you will have to skip to step 2.

2. Click on the START button. Go up in the first column and click on E-Mail, Outlook Express.

3. On this first screen, fill in your full name. Click Next.

4. On the next screen fill in your email address. Click Next.

5. On this screen you are asked for the Incoming mail (POP3, Imap, or HTTP) server and for an Outgoing mail (SMTP) server. Fill in both blanks with: mail.wcnet.org Click Next.

6. On this screen you will need your user name (or login name) from your WCNet information packet. Type that name in the Account name blank. Type your password in the Password blank. These are case sensitive, so make sure you type them in all lower case. Click Next.

7. It will then say you have successfully completed. Click the finish button, and you're done. To access email in the future, follow step 1 (to dial in to WCNet) then step 2 (to open Outlook Express) and retrieve your email.

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